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Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Haruka and Feebas 

Haruka met Feebas when he was young. He finally evolved when Haru is Grade 12, but he was too big to stay at home. In the end, Haru decided to let him live in the sea. Milotic was very sad that he can’t stay with Haru and take a bath with him life before. So Haru stopped by sea everyday to see him. 


Super Snail Bros pattern is available!

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K Gakuen: Wonderful School Days

Main Characters in Sportswear

  • ★ Manda: when u tryin to edit a thing and forget where everything is
  • Kieksters: when u try editin a thing and u forget what u editin
  • ★ Manda: when u try to edit a thing
  • Kieksters: when u try to edit

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire- Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.


*sees a cat*

me: holy shit

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They also got a torrent link for sv12 I didn’t see that oops